Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 Months Old and Big Tex

I'm a few days late posting the 3 month pictures, but I have had my days a tad confused this week. I think Kennedy hit a growth spurt because she was fussier than normal this week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were a little rough. She didn't want to nap and was pretty upset most of the day.

On Wednesday afternoon I thought it would be good to get her out of the house (and by her, I mean me...I needed to get out of the house), so we met our friends at Target and then headed to Baby Gap. I was already a little frazzled and she was fussy. I knew our time was limited, so we looked around in the Gap and then stopped in 1 or 2 stores before we made our way to the car. I got all the way to the car with a bunch of outfits from Baby Gap still hanging from the stroller! Obviously, I walked them back in (I'm not a thief) but I was super embarrassed!

By Thursday she was back to her smiling self and I was happy to see my sweet baby girl again.

She is officially an infant now and has left the 'fourth trimester' behind. Some 3 month milestones: rolling over from her tummy to her back, transferring objects from one hand to another, smiling all the time and the best of all...sleeping through the night! She has been doing this for a while now, but its consistent and we are very, very happy.

Meet Kennedy's new bestie, Sophie the Giraffe.


Today we went to the Texas state fair and ate our way through Fair Park. GrammyFlash and Big Poppa were already there and started the feeding frenzy with some fried gua-tay-malee (that's how Rhonda says guacamole). We had the following: funnel cake, a chocolate cupcake, cheese-only nachos, grande nachos, Fletchers corney dogs (I sat that round out), macadamia nut cookies (David only) fried cookie dough and a fried PB&J with bananas (due to the bananas, I also sat this round out). In hindsight, we could have used more protein. A turkey leg or some chicken-fried bacon would have been solid additions to the feast.

Napping in the stroller and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Couldn't get Kennedy to look at the camera, the people watching was just too good.

Funnel cake. Powdered sugar everywhere.

Chocolate cupcake. Chocolate frosting everywhere.

Cheese only nachos for Amanda.

Grande nachos with all the fixins, Texas shaped chips and topped with a Texas tooth-pick flag.

Corney dog.

Fried cookie dough - the highlight of my day.
No, the highlight of my week.

Kennedy did not miss out on the feast.

The PB&J Monte Cristo with bananas.


  1. I got fatter just reading your post!

  2. Great pics! Glad you had some Texas-sized fun!