Sunday, October 31, 2010

Its (Free) Christmas Card Time

Tomorrow is November 1, and that means it is time to start thinking about Christmas cards. Greg and I have never sent out Christmas cards but this year we have already started talking about a card to celebrate Kennedy's First Christmas. Will it be a funny card? Will it be all 4 of us (puppy included)? Will it just be the baby and Olive? We haven't decided on those details, but we have decided we will order the cards from I Shutterfly because they are offering 50 FREE cards for writing a blog post about them! I will gladly participate - we already use Shutterfly to back up our photos, order prints and share photos on Kennedy's share site.

There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from and it is really easy to upload your own photo. The hardest part is picking the design! Check them all out at:

You can even custom order address labels to match: This makes the tedious task of addressing the envelopes one step easier.

Some of my favorites:

I love plaid. I wonder what it would take to get Greg to agree to matching family Hannah Andersson sweaters for this year's card.

I like simple and clean designs, this one uses a full bleed photo.

A little bit more modern, I love the snowflakes.

Bloggers: follow this link to get your 50 free cards:

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