Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Workout

Today was Kennedy's first official day at her gym, My Gym. It is a brightly colored baby gym similar to Gymboree and we met Caroline and Emily over there for a 45 minute baby class. We sang songs, played on a swing and did lots of tummy time. Everyone talks in high pitched, sing-songy voices and makes exaggerated faces at the babies. The babies love it. Kennedy did pretty well and it will be fun to watch her get more engaged with the activities over the next few weeks. We are going to go every week during October and see if this is something she will really benefit from.

It was a little cool out this morning so I decided long sleeves would be best. Plus this onesie and legging combo are adorable and I have been dying for her to wear them. This afternoon we got back into our usual routine of eat, play, nap and got a little story time in. She has some cutesy baby books we read, but my favorite is, Petit Connoisseur: Fashion. The book uses fabulous illustrations to introduce couture vocabulary and the designers that every high fashion baby needs to know.

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