Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Melons

This week I hit 35 weeks and has begun comparing the size of the baby to different melons. It doesn't feel that long ago when they compared the baby to the size of an avocado or a tomato and we thought - wow, that is so big! Now the baby is about the size of a large cantaloupe. This made me laugh to myself at the grocery store today because when I walked in Tom Thumb they happened to be sampling a variety summer melons.

Some updates for this week:

Maternity Clothes
: Exclusively...and for a while now. I have a few non-maternity shirts and one pair of horribly unflattering pink PJ pants that I wear around the house. The shirts don't totally cover my belly and the pants make me look like Humpty Dumpty. So, not appropriate for public! I have one pair of shorts I love and the rest of the time I am in dresses. Remember, its nearly 100 degrees in Dallas these days.
Sleeping: Some nights are better than others, but overall sleeping is becoming more difficult. I think my body is starting to get me ready for the baby's schedule. I wake up about every 2 hours for a bathroom break.
Movement: The baby is all over the place and moves around a lot.
Gender: Its a surprise still! We are both having dreams about one gender or another. As of last night Greg had the most recent dream that we are having a girl.
Labor Signs: Thankfully, not yet. And I hope I don't see any for 4-5 more weeks!
What I miss this week: Frozen margaritas. My favorite drink of summer.
What I am looking forward to: Frozen margaritas. My favorite drink of summer. :)

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  1. We'll be up there the first weekend in August for a wedding. I expect 2 things:
    1. to meet baby Hunter
    2. baby Hunter to have LOTS of rolls. he/she will be around one month old, so that's pleny of time to fatten the baby up!