Monday, May 31, 2010

34 weeks - Getting Closer

I can't believe it is the end of May and we have just over 5 weeks to go until Baby Hunter makes his or her debut! Greg and I recently "graduated" from our baby classes at the hospital so I guess this means we areready to be parents? Over the past 6 weeks we have taken a baby care class (how to not break the baby when we bring it home), a series of labor and delivery classes and most recently a breastfeeding class. The nursery is almost finished, the bassinette is in our bedroom and we have all our supplies in the closet. All we have left to do is pack the hospital bag!

I am 34 weeks and the baby is about the size of a cantaloupe. My belly has definitely gotten a LOT bigger and I can feel that the baby is a lot bigger as well. Overall I am still feeling pretty good though I am a lot more tired and the Dallas heat is starting to get to me, how is it this hot and summer hasn't even officially started!

We learned in baby class that crying is a late hunger cue for the baby - turns out the same is true for the babymama. I feel like the baby sometimes - I am happy when I am well rested, fed in regular (timely) intervals and have a bottle (of water) within reach.

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  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING! tell me where you get all your fabulous maternity clothes- you always look soooo cute and I desperately need to feel like i look cuter these days! Hope all is well- you are getting so close!