Friday, August 5, 2011

Sugar Queen

Kennedy got all dressed up in her ruffly flower dress to go celebrate Laighton's birthday at playgroup yesterday. We celebrated with carousel rides and cupcakes. Since Kennedy and a few of the other babies were running on no morning naps, we weren't sure how everything would go over. Kennedy looked a little sleepy before we got on her horse, but quickly woke up when we stared going round and round. And she definitely perked up when she saw the cupcakes. She's a girl with her mommy's sweet tooth.

The bow stayed on long enough for a few pictures. And not a second longer. 

 L & K in their tutus. 

The babies were perfectly content just watching. They had no idea they were going to get to ride on the carousel.  

Faster, faster! 

Sweet treat.  

Birthday girl and her cupcake.

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