Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby's Cell Phone

It kind of amazes me how in tune Kennedy is with technology devices. She knows what a remote is, and points her little pretend version to the TV and pushes the buttons. She can unlock our iPhones with about 70% accuracy and loves to scroll through the pictures on her own.

I had to laugh because Sesame Street is really keeping up with the times with today's song, "There's An App For That."

Her latest obsession is her orange cell phone. It looks and sounds like a real phone and even rings on its own. She opens up the little flip phone and holds it up to her ear to babble her version of, "oh hai!" Its become the thing that comes everywhere with us this week.

Yesterday afternoon she set up her laptop in front of her and was playing on her phone. I can't imagine where she picked this up. Its not like I ever post up on the floor in the playroom reading a blog on the computer and checking e-mail on my phone. Nope, never.

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