Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Time

Greg and I thought it might be good to start sending Kennedy to a little preschool Mother's Day Out program. It will give her some time in a classroom and give me a little help with the baby during the week. As it turns out, Caroline and her husband had been thinking the same thing for Emily. So we put the girls in the same program and they start next week!

Caroline and I met up yesterday morning to meet the teachers and other parents in the class. It really is set up like a classroom, they have a structured daily schedule (as structured as you can be with a 14 month old) that includes stories, music, art, play gym, snacks, lunch and naps! The napping should be real interesting. Kennedy and Emily will nap in cribs until they turn 18 months and then its on napmats on the floor. Oh, to be a fly in the wall during nap time.

After meeting the teachers, the next logical step was school supply shopping. I've always loved getting supplies for school. At the bookstore in college, everything showed up as a "Textbook Item" on my student charge account. So, I loved grabbing a few extra goodies like t-shirts and hot pink Sharpie pens, blaming the extra expense on the high cost of business school books. Sorry, Mom. Anyway, I spent the rest of the afternoon completely over doing it on school supplies for Kennedy. I can see how this is going to be a problem when I have to actually buy her real supplies. I got her the cutest little preschool backpack and napmat, monogrammed, of course. Plus dishwasher safe labels for all her pacis, sippy cups and tupperware. And I also got some cute iron in labels for her clothing and blankets.

Here are the girls at school. They look thrilled to be there, right? No, really they are, neither of them wanted to leave all the toys, CRAYONS and other kids behind! 

She has enough hair for a curly little up-do. It's all business in the front and a party-pony in the back.

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