Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The last post was all about how Kennedy tried and loved her new bike. However, I don't think love fully encapsulates how she really feels about this new addition. She's obsessed. If she is awake she wants to be in it. Not near it, not looking at it, IN it. We don't have to go anywhere, she just wants to sit in it. She has a new tooth breaking through and has been a little sour lately - so anything that keeps her happy and content works for me. We spent a solid hour in this yesterday. In Toddler Time, 3 minutes is a long span to do the same thing on repeat. So an hour is basically a Toddler Eternity.

Today is the same story. She even had her morning snack sitting in the bike.

 Little Rascal did not want to wear clothes yesterday afternoon. 

The bike gets hugs.

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