Thursday, July 21, 2011

From Fussy to Funny

Its been an interesting week around the Hunter House. Kennedy is cutting two new toofins as well as having a reaction to her 1st year vaccines. Long story short - its been a hard 4 days. Kennedy is usually quite playful and silly but this week she has been extremely fussy and cries easily. Once she gets crying its been hard to console her. There have also been little baby fits of rage, which would be funny to watch if she weren't my baby. She's allergic to the numbing teething medication but I was able to find this homeopathic gel from Hylands with no benzocaine in it. A swab of this new magic gel and a 3 hour nap later - I have my baby back. Baby back. Baby back. 

She spent the reminder of the afternoon playing with her Korean toy, Pororo. Correction, her voice and motion activated, Korean singing toy, Pororo. A little treat for you, a video of Pororo singing below. Anyway, my brother shipped her this little penguin friend all the way from South Korea. Due to the North Korean "involvement" in the production of Pororo he and his arctic friends have been banned in the US. So, Kennedy thanks her Uncle Eric for a truly one of a kind toy (and is happy it made it past customs)!

 Dance, Pororo, Dance!


Showing off those bottom toofins. 

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