Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th and 30th

Happy Birthday to me and to Papa. My grandfather and I share the same July 4th birthday and have celebrated together almost every birthday I've had. We had a big party at my parents house and had lots of delicious food, cake and cupcakes. Kennedy had a good time being passed from person to person and didn't even flinch when the neighbors lit off (very loud) firecrackers.

All American Hunters 

Kennedy would like some American candy 

Patriotic Seersucker 

Me and Papa at my 1st birthday

 Me and Papa at my 30th birthday


  1. Love the pics of you and your Papa. Sweet.

  2. The photos of you and your Papa tugged at my heart and my tear ducts.
    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    ~ From your California Cousin, Christina ♥