Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A terrifying thunder-boom woke me and Greg up at about midnight. Ok, it woke me up and I woke Greg up. I am afraid of thunder, lightening and tornadoes. Add The Dark to this list and you have the four scariest things in Amanda's World. Dallas is, unfortunately, not the most ideal place for someone who is inexplicably frightened by The Weather to live.

Anythunders, as I was laying in bed it got me thinking about what Kennedy might grow up to be afraid of. Will she just inherit my irrational fears? (Like I possibly did from my mother...) Or will she develop some of her very own?

I don't think this will come as any surprise to anyone reading this who knows my mother, but she has a few irrational, and some pretty funny things she is afraid of. Bees, freeways, being alone in the house and cats. She is terrified of cats. She thinks every single cat she comes in contact with is going to surprise attack her. Like the cat has been sitting in his little kitty room drawing up plans for the precise moment when Lainey comes to visit. And then our of nowhere, straight for the eyes.

I expect we will go through the normal childhood fears of the dark, monsters and bugs, but hopefully, I can keep from passing on some of my silly fears on to Kennedy.

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