Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling Better

We had our follow up appointment with the pediatrician this morning and found out Kennedy gained 6 oz over the weekend. She has her appetite back but still has the unfortunate diaper situation. Until things are back to normal she is still on the special soy formula. Once she is 'regular' again we will try giving her milk and her reaction (or lack of a reaction) to the milk will tell us if her sickness was a milk allergy or just a virus. She seems to feel better though, so we met up with our friends Caroline & Emily and Ashley & Alex for a picnic lunch at the Arboretum. The weather was gorgeous today and all three babies were in great moods and enjoyed their time outside. Such a fun afternoon.

Kennedy - 4 months

Emily - 6 months

Alex - almost 9 months

The girls were exhausted after playing in the grass.

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