Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Visitors

This past weekend we were lucky enough to have Grammy and Big Poppa come in town for a visit. I don't think there was a time when Kennedy wasn't being held, and I think she loved it. Greg and I loved having the extra help with her since she has been a little (read: a lot) fussy lately. She had her fair share of meltdowns this weekend and it was such a relief to have extra baby-holders to help soothe her, walk her outside and rock her to sleep. Baby-holders and visitors are welcome in our home anytime.

They kept her for a few hours on Saturday so Greg and I could get out, just the two of us. What did we do? Starbucks, Pedicures and Target - my personal version of GTL (for you Jersey Shore fans). Well, I really wanted a pedicure but also wanted to spend some time out of the house with Greg, so he was nice enough to go with me to get one.

3 Week Milestones - she is lifting and turning her head during tummy time, turning her head to follow the sound of my voice and sleeping in 4 hr stretches at night.

This is a new thing - sleeping with her arms up. If we hear her grunting or making noise at night,
it is when she is breaking out of the swaddle blanket to put her arms up.

This is the magic hold - whenever she gets really, really upset,
Greg holds her like this and she immediately calms down.

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