Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glad to be Home

We survived our first night at home with Kennedy. It went just like you would expect a first night with a newborn to go, but we are getting into the swing of things and think tonight might be a little better. She woke up a little hoarse this morning - if that gives you any indication of how much crying took place last night.

She is just so cute - and sometimes we find ourselves staring at her in amazement. The best time is right after she has finished eating and is a little "milk drunk." This is when she is content, very awake and alert. She will make the funniest faces and stare right at you with these big blue eyes.

We can't stop taking pictures of her and I am now just getting around to posting them. She is sound asleep next to us, and probably resting her little voice for another very eventful night.


Kennedy Rose Hunter

Please excuse my extremely puffy, round moonface - this is post delivery and still extremely full of fluids from the epidural. The hospital stamped Kennedy's foot prints on Greg's scrubs.
She does this. A lot.

With Grams and Grammy

Being rocked by her daddy.

She is really good at doing this.

We've got some awesome hats.

Sleeping in the swing.

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