Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Kennedy had her 2-week follow up appointment with the pediatrician and we learned that she is gaining weight and growing fast! Although, I didn't need a pediatrician to tell me that, I am the one feeding her every 1.5-2 hours.

My, what big eyes you have! Kennedy is definitely starting to stay awake a lot more during the day. Today she has only napped for about 30 minutes and aside from a brief time on the giraffe mat, she has preferred to be held.

She got to have her first tub bath and she loved being in the water.
She did not love when we took her out of the water.

An attempt at tummy time - we will keep working on it.


  1. Amanda, she's precious! She has some big peepers too, adorable! I hope you're enjoying being a new momma- it truly gets better every day. :)

  2. How sweet is she!! Its amazing how everyday they grow!! Cruz is eating about the same every 2 hours! However he still enjoys to sleep during the day, maybe he can take a few pointers from Kennedy on staying awake!! I hope you all are doing well and that mommy is feeling good! Are you all gonna come down to nm at all? I know you will have a lot of people who will want to meet kennedy, but Cruzie told me he would like to meet her too!!