Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Good Afternoon

Lately Kennedy has been a little unpredictable. She usually has one good long crying fit a day (please don't be colic...please don't be colic) and we never really know if it will be morning or night. So today instead of going out for lunch, we had Caroline and her 2 month old daughter Emily over. The girls were both pretty good...until Kennedy woke up hungry and Emily decided she was done being smiley.

Later today (after a short but intense meltdown in Hobby Lobby) Kennedy was in a really good mood so I set up her farm animal play mat. Today is the first time she has really started to focus on the toys. She follows the sound of the rattles and reaches out toward things with her little fist. She was mesmerized by her own cute reflection in the mirror and stared at herself quietly for a while.

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