Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother-to-be Day

We just returned from an impromptu 'babymoon' and Mother's Day getaway weekend at the Barton Creek Resort in Austin. It was a very relaxing weekend complete with a visit to the spa for a prenatal massage (regular massage for Greg). We also went hiking, relaxed outside in rocking chairs and had delicious brunch. Saturday night we made it to the Salt Lick and had some delicious BBQ for dinner.

Before we left for BBQ, Greg wanted to make sure that we captured a current belly pic:

I am 31 weeks along and still feeling pretty good. The baby has grown to about 3 lbs now! There is a lot of gymnastics going on and I feel it a lot more as he or she is getting bigger and has less room to move around in. The other night I had my iPhone resting on my belly, and the baby bumped it off. Can't wait for this weekend, we are headed to Midland for a baby shower!

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