Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We had a very Texan weekend in Ft. Worth, y'all!

While my dad was in town a couple weeks back, we took a trip to Cow Town to check out the Stockyards. Nearly immediately upon arrival we snagged a cowboy hat for Kennedy, which she happily wore. We took her to see a big pen of longhorns (all of which were named Bevo) and watched the cowboys round them up. A couple times a day, they herd the cattle down main street. We still hear Kennedy saying, "c'moooon cattle, c'moooon cattle!" 

There was a petting zoo with some really aggressive goats and a pretty sweet camel named, Truffles. Kennedy made it clear she was NOT interested in the animals. And I'll be honest, they were a little too forceful for my liking as well. 

BBQ was on the agenda for lunch where Kennedy tried and loved fried pickles. And she ate all her lunch. Mostly because she was promised a trip to the candy store if she ate it all. Bribery and parenting working hand in hand right there. 

We strolled up and down the main street until the little cowgirl was tuckered out. When she went from playful to feisty, we knew it was time to head back Dallas for nap time.

The Ft. Worth Stockyards
C'mooooon cattle. 
Checking out the Bevos (Longhorns)
Cowgirl cutie. 
Fried pickles, ermahgerd!
Hangin' with Gramps. 

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