Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Wanch

Last weekend we went down to spend a weekend with the Pfeiffers at their family ranch near Austin. Kennedy could not wait to go look for animals and spend the weekend playing outside. She calls it the "wanch" and I love it every time I hear her say it because she really emphasizes the "ch" at the end.

Anyway, we drove down Friday afternoon and got there just in time for a quick after dinner drink and bedtime for Kennedy. Then it was time for the grown ups to hang out by the fire and cruise around looking for animals. We saw a ton of deer all over the place. It was pretty cool.

Saturday was a nice enough day outside. Chilly, but not too cool to let the kids play, run, paint and jump in the yard. Between the play house and the bounce house, there was plenty to keep the kids busy. One would think Kennedy would have jumped her way straight to a nap, but FOMO (fear of missing out) kept her from taking an afternoon snooze. We took them for a ride around the property to look for deer, and only caught a glimpse of a couple.

We bathed the girls, got them ready for bed and finished getting dinner ready. We had a delicious dinner, put the girls to bed, and took our drinks out to the fire for ghost story telling. I may or may not have been too scared from the ghost stories and howling coyotes to go on a final night time ride.

On Sunday we had a quick breakfast, cleaned up, and hit the road. A fun weekend was had by all!

Welcome to the wanch!

The kids looking for deer. Or their daddys. Its hard to say. 

Playing house and decorating Valentine mail boxes. 

Going for rides. 

Having fun on Saturday afternoon. 

Bath time complete with glow-stick magic wands. 

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