Friday, November 2, 2012

Thriller Ballet

Kennedy's calendar was full of Halloween activities this year. We were excited to attend multiple parties with our friends, and had fun at every single one of them. I thought Kennedy might want alternate costumes, but she wanted to wear Snow White to each event. To my surprise, the costume lasted through six parties with out a stain, rip or tear and still looked new for trick-or-treating.

One of our spooky events was the Halloween party at the Y. Kennedy's ballet class 'performed' to Thriller and YMCA. It. Was. Hilarious. When I say 'perform' I mean stand still looking for mom and dad while occasionally kicking or shrugging a shoulder. And Kennedy has the shoulder shrug down.

 Lining up for the performance. 

We played "spooky" games. Kennedy loved getting a prize...and I loved when her prize was a Reese's. 

Chowing down on pizza witm Emily and Jeff. 

 Running around and hugging Princess Emily. 

Mommy and Snow White

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