Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Celebration(s)

As I mentioned in the previous post, Halloween 2012 ran on for about 2 weeks for us. I'm not complaining, but I am definitely ready to focus on something else with Kennedy. She got really into Halloween this year. She loves to dress up anyway, and I've learned she likes scary and spooky things. we had a great time and can't wait for next year. Here are a bunch of pictures of our Halloween adventures!

We had a party with our playgroup at Rachel's house to decorate pumpkins and eat Halloween treats. I found these foam stickers at Target and the kids had a great (mess free) time decorating.

We met a few of our friends at the North Dallas Early Childhood PTA (what a mouthful) Halloween play date. This was our first costumed event and Kennedy was thrilled to wear her Snow White dress. I was a little worried when I saw the terrain of the playground, but she was careful with her dress.

We met up with our friend Emily at the Kidville Halloween party. They had all sorts of not-so-spooky activities including music, crafts, games and trampoline jumping to keep the kids entertained. 

Instead of Halloween, Kennedy's school hosts a Noah's Ark Day for the kids. They are encouraged to come dressed as animals, while the lessons and activities are themed around Noah's Ark. I didn't want to have to buy a separate costume, and I don't specifically remember Snow While being on the Ark, so we improvised a little with some kitty ears and face paint. Meow. 

The grand finale was trick-or-treating with our friend Audrey (and aunt Jill) on Halloween night. Since Audrey is a seasoned trick-or-treating pro, she showed Kennedy just what to do. They had a great time and brought home some goodies. I hate to say that I have already raided all the Reese's and Whoppers out of Kennedy's bucket. She was actually so distracted with the balloon, that I don't even think she knows we brought home a pumpkin full of candy.

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  1. These pictures absolutely kill me with their cuteness! Love the costumes and just love her happy facial expressions!