Sunday, August 5, 2012

Uncle Alex Visits Dallas

Kennedy and I got to have a visit from Uncle Alex last week. He was nice enough to come in town and keep us company while Greg was away on a work trip. It was great having him here and I appreciated his help with Kennedy since I found myself under the weather. By under the weather I mean a completely swollen and infected throat and stomach bug. Fun times. After a doctor's appointment and an aggressive antibiotic/steroid combo I finally started feeling better by the weekend for Greg's return.

We had so much fun and packed a lot of activities into just a few days. We took Alex to one of our new favorite bounce house places and he got to see Kennedy in action. The bounce houses are all themed and she prefers to stick to the "Madagascar one," which is basically a jungle obstacle course. We took Alex swimming and out to dinner. We also went to the movies to see Madagascar 3 (our current obsession).

"Shomp, shomp!" - how Kennedy pronounces jump. 

Hanging out with Uncle Alex.  

Movie time. Juice, Kennedy, Alex the Lion

On Saturday we made a special trip down to Taco Joint for the biggest/best breakfast burritos I've had in a while. We dropped Alex off at the airport and headed over to the Pfeiffer's to swim. Our friends, the Williams, were in town for the weekend and I had to miss seeing them on Friday night since I was sick. It was great to hang out with them and we are looking forward to the next time we can all get together.

Swimming with her baby doll. 

Emily, Alex and Kennedy. 

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