Monday, August 6, 2012

Princess for a Day

As we were readying to leave the house on Sunday, Kennedy found her Rapunzel dress and asked to put it on. I knew once it went on there was no getting it off, so she wore it the entire day. Over her clothes. In 100+ degree weather.

We went to one of our new favorite indoor play places, Coo Coo's, for the third time in seven days. Kennedy practically wakes up asking to go to the "shomping place" (jumping place) and since it is so hot outside, its an easy place to burn off a lot of toddler energy. Plus, I'd be lying if I said Greg and I didn't totally love every time we "have" to take her on a slide or through an obstacle course. The place also plays music Kennedy loves. As in, they play Beyonce and the "move-it" song from Madagascar. When All the Single Ladies came on it was really funny to watch Kennedy and a couple other little girls scream and start dancing with their hands up in the air.

After jumping, we went to a lunch fit for a princess and then home to nap. She wore her dress on our afternoon errand to the bookstore and finished the day helping daddy do a little tidying up.

Rapunzel leaving the tower. 

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