Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enjoying NM

We are 2 months old and having a lovely visit to New Mexico. Most importantly, we surivived the plane ride (as did our 600 lbs of luggage). Kennedy did great on the plane, only made a peep when she had a dirty diaper and slept the rest of the flight. I was lucky enough to get to change her diaper in the airplane bathroom...you don't really realize just how small those bathrooms are until you have to cart in a baby and all the changing supplies. I kept dropping things and bumping my head, elbow, shoulder, knee, etc. on all the surfaces, much like the airplane scene from Tommy Boy. I hope Kennedy has a repeat performance on the flight back to Dallas.

When we got off the plane, we were so excited to see my brother Eric. He has been living in South Korea teaching English for the past year and aside from a few Skype calls, we haven't seen him in a while. I was so excited for him to meet Kennedy and she definitely liked him. Whenever he would talk she would stare at him so intently and I don't think she ever cried when he held her. He brought her some awesome baby clothes from Korea and we couldn't wait to put the littke folk dress on her to take some pictures.

Kennedy has also gotten to meet most all of her extended family including both sets of great-grandparents! On Saturday we celebrated Nani's birthday (my maternal grandmother) and Kennedy got to meet the whole Garcia clan. Kennedy got pretty fussy while we were there - but I think it was because there were so many people, we were up way past her bedtime and I think the altitude here might be bothering her a little. She gets to meet the rest of the McMahon side on Saturday.

Greg returned to Dallas on Monday despite a travel FAIL on my part. He went to check in for his flight on Monday, only to find out I had booked it for Sunday. Lovely. But we got it all worked out and he made it home safe and sound. We did get to enjoy a date night drinking wine with some friends while we were here.

This week Kennedy and I have a lot t to look forward to and will be spending lots of time with our family and friends before we head back on Sunday. I even get to enjoy a facial on Thursday while my aunt Anita watches Kennedy. I am definitely enjoying all the extra help and baby holders!

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