Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lots of Updates

Waking Up Happy
Such a little sweetie - Kennedy is starting to be more playful and expressive. Yesterday morning she was having fun making different faces at me.

Summer Baby
Sometimes I think having a baby during a Texas summer is about as hard as having a baby in a New York winter, since weather permits us from doing so many things outdoors. But today, Caroline, Lizzy and I were determined to get a little sun and relax by the pool. Caroline got Emily settled in her swing and I put Kennedy down in the bouncy chair. We expertly timed their feedings and naps to work with our desired pool time. It looked like both were going to be out for a couple hours - so we hurried outside with cold drinks, US Weekly and the baby monitor. Three minutes later we hear Emily squeaking, then Kennedy making noises...and then both girls crying. It got pretty cloudy so we brought them out for a bit. Emily got to go in the pool and Kennedy got to dip her toes from the side. We didn't get our tan on as planned, but we had fun with the babies (who were in pretty good moods today!) I am loving all Kennedy's little summer outfits and am excited that she is finally starting to fit in some of her clothes.

Teddy Bear Shirt
Not only is this a very cute little baby bear shirt, it is actually a shirt my mom made about 25 years ago for one of my cousins, Dominic. My aunt Linda held on to it and I was really excited to put it on Kennedy for some pictures.

The Hunter Girls (and their dads)
Last weekend Ross, Jennifer, Julia and Natalie came to stay with us. It was nice having all three of the Hunter grandbabies together and will be fun to watch them grow up together. Trying to get all three of them in a picture was definitely a challenge, but I like this picture of Greg and his brother and their daughters.

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