Monday, August 16, 2010

6 Weeks Old

Kennedy is 6 weeks old today, which means she is going through a growth spurt. Add to that the fact that its Monday, which typically is our most stressful day of the week. Additionally, I had my 6 week post partum check up with my doctor so it meant we both had to be fed, dressed and out of the house before 11 am. Clearly, I thought this was a recipe for disaster.

But I have been so pleasantly surprised! Kennedy ate like a champ this morning and slept while I got ready. Like, really ready with make up and my hair blown out. I even got to sit in peace at the computer while I ate my Chocolate Cheerios. We went through our familiar routine of putting on a cute outfit and then spitting up all over it, twice, before getting in the car. She was super sweet at the doctor and everyone just loved all her little squeaky noises. We got to go meet Greg for lunch at Jason's Deli and are having a quiet afternoon at home today.

Kennedy was such an easy baby this weekend which made Sat and Sun very relaxing. On Saturday we met a photographer for some family pics. It was beyond hot outside so I am glad we only scheduled a half hour. The Pfeiffers were there as well, so we had her snap a few pics of all of us together. After we had all sufficiently sweat enough at the park, we headed straight to the pool and spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting a break from the heat.

I am not sure when we will get all of the pictures, but heres a sneak peek.

Kennedy really loves going for walks - and I can't wait until it gets a little cooler so we can go on more during the day. Right now we have to wait until its just about dark outside, and even then, its still over 95 degrees.

Although she is about 9.5 lbs now, she is very petite and barely fits in the majority of her clothes. Her denim vest will be very cute when she grows into it. I have a feeling she will be wearing Gap Kids through high school...just like her mother. I was just admitting to Greg that most of my high school uniforms, even into my junior year, were from Gap Kids. Those grown up clothes were just so long!

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