Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Princess of the Potty

Kennedy up and decided she was ready to say bye-bye to diapers this weekend. We tried this a few months back, and I just don't think she was ready yet. So we didn't make a big deal about it and let her sit on the potty whenever she felt the need. Which was occasionally through the day and before her bath. But Sunday morning, she requested panties and gathered up all her diapers (on her own) to leave for the Diaper Fairy. It wasn't really the day we had planned to start, but I didn't want to squash her enthusiasm, so we just went with it.

She is doing amazingly well! I can tell she is definitely ready for this big step. #1 has been no problem at all. I even took her to the Y and summer camp in her big girl undies and there were no accidents. I thought we were going to be sort of tied to the house, but she has been doing really well out and about with public potties. At home, she no longer sits on the potty chair, but on the regular potty with a little seat adaptor on it. #2 has been a different story, I will spare you the details and you can just assume were workin' on it.

Yesterday she put all her diapers out on the front porch so the Diaper Fairy could gather them and leave her a special Big Girl surprise. This worked so well when we ditched the paci so we thought it might be effective with diapers as well. When I asked her what sort of surprise she wanted, her answer was simple and direct: diamonds. Keep dreaming sister. If anyone is rewarded with diamonds for potty training, it should really be the trainer and not the trainee. This is a lot of work!! But the Diaper Fairy really came through. You can see her new "diamond" earrings and crown. And she got some "glass slippers" which help her fully transform into Cinderella.

We are so proud of how well she is doing and she tells me often how proud she is of herself. Can't believe this sweet little lady is going to be 3 in a few weeks.

No pants, no problems. Makes potty breaks a little easier at home. Opening her special surprise from the Diaper Fairy.

Sporting new fancy jewelry. 

Princess Kennedy

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