Sunday, June 9, 2013

19 Week Update

I had my 19 week check up and ultrasound on Friday morning. Typically, this is when you can find out the baby's gender. And the night before I did briefly toy with the idea of finding out this time. But we didn't. Boo's gender remains a surprise. The sonographer let me know at the beginning of the exam that she would refer to the baby as he and not to take that as an indication of gender, she universally calls all babies he during ultrasounds. We are happy to report that everything looked great! Boo is weighing approximately 10 oz (about the size of an heirloom tomato) and was quite active. I had a contraction during the u/s which prompted a couple questions with my doctor because I have been feeling them in the evenings. All is normal and well and I will probably continue to have them sporadically throughout (this was the case with Kennedy as well).

Greg and Kennedy came to the appointment with me. We had been preparing Kennedy that the doctor would use a special machine to see inside my tummy and she would get to see pictures of Boo on the screen. She was pretty excited leading up to it but she was more confused than anything at the images on the screen. I think she thought it was going to be more like seeing a baby on TV, you know, like Baby Einstein. Which is pretty funny now that I think about it.

The two questions I get the most, after OMG I can't believe you're not finding out the gender, are do you feel like its a boy/girl, and do you have names picked out? The only thing I can say I am feeling, for sure, is pregnant. I have some pleasant and some not so pleasant pregnancy symptoms and depending on which website and whom you are talking to, they can mean boy/girl. If you ask Kennedy her thoughts on Boo's gender, all she tells me is that "he" is her "baby sister." So, there you go. As far as names, well, we are sticking with Boo. Boo Hunter. Just kidding, we will name the baby when he or she is born!

19 Weeks, almost halfway there!

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  1. Not that u r asking or prob even wanting guesses but I will give my unsolicited opinion.... an heir for the hunter throne. U look great btw!