Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in the Land of Enchantment

The Hunters took a mini vacay to Albuquerque for Easter weekend. As per usual, weeks leading up to the trip, Kennedy was losing her mind over going on an airplane. Despite American not serving pretzels like Southweast does, the rest of the flight was super easy. We've reached the Super Easy Travel Stage and I am loving it. I even got to read a book. Both flights. Unheard of.

Kennedy got to do all sorts of Easter things like coloring eggs, hunting eggs and eating way too much candy.  Its become apparent to me that my family celebrates nearly every holiday with Christmas-like enthusiasm, and Easter was no exception. We had a big family gathering on Sunday at my aunt's house with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and Kennedy had the best.day.ever.

She got to meet my cousin's new baby, Baby Owen, and was just in awe. She just kept touching his head (we reviewed that she could not touch the baby's face beforehand) and gave him a million kisses on his head. Presh. I loved seeing how sweet she was around such a teeny-tiny little guy.

We had nearly perfect weather on Sunday and Kennedy spent the entire day outside. We brought the bubble hurricane with us and I was surprised at how many of my adult cousins had fun playing with it. (sidenote: if you have a 2+ year old, do yourself a favor and get one. Best $10 we've spent.)

We had a wonderful Easter with our NM family and can't wait for our next visit.

Coloring Eggs. She was just as messy as last year. But check out Mommy's princess eggs. 
Easter Basket Excitement.

Photo Time with Gramps, Lainey, Mommy and Uncle Pickles. 
Is there anything more fun than a bubble machine?
Easter Sunday. AKA Candy Sunday. 
Meeting Baby Owen. 

Silly faces with the cousins and doing flips with Daddy. 
The Hunters. Easter Edition. 

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