Saturday, March 9, 2013

Visiting with Gramps

Last weekend my dad spent a few days in Dallas with us. Kennedy was really excited to pick him up at the airport and dressed herself. This meant a Snow White dress, glitter Tom's and Easter basket full of babies, blocks and Little People. We didn't have the best weather for outdoor activities, but we had fun playing with Gramps at the house.

Kennedy played one of her favorite games, Couch Airplane. In this game, she takes on multiple rolls as the passenger, the in-flight crew, in-flight entertainment and of course, the pilot. She will ask you to play opposite of whatever she is. For example, if she wants you to be the girl then you need to ask Kennedy, the flight attendant, for juice and pretzels. Couch Airlines only flies to two destinations, Disneyworld and Albuquerque. She can literally play this for hours and luckily Gramps was happy to play along.

Dinner and Ice Cream with Gramps. 

Welcome aboard Couch Airlines.  

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