Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas in New Mexico

While we were visiting Albuquerque (in December) we got to have the entire "McMahon" family together. Eric and Sora were in town from Seoul to celebrate Christmas and their wedding. Sora loved Kennedy (and the feeling was mutual) and we had so much fun showing her around Albuquerque. This was a big trip for her: first time to the US, first time meeting all our family and Eric's friends, first Christmas with our family, you get the idea. It was a lot of firsts.

My parents hosted a reception at El Pinto to celebrate Eric and Sora's wedding with all of their New Mexico family and friends. Kennedy was in heaven - chips, guac and constant attention. The sopapillas really put her over the edge. She hasn't really had honey, and she got to on her sopapilla. Did she like it? Well, at one point I caught her drinking the honey like a sippy cup.

The next morning was "Christmas Morning" and my parents really outdid themselves. Kennedy helped hand out gifts and opened a ton of fun new toys. We all got lots of fun new toys, too. My mom hosted a belated Christmas Morning dinner with my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Kennedy got to open more presents. I was not at all surprised the next morning when she woke up asking to open gifts...

It was a really nice and long visit to New Mexico. Kennedy got to play in some snow while Greg and I got to see some of our ABQ friends. I think we must have been busy and having fun because I realized I hardly took any pictures. Oh well, I guess sometimes its good to step away from the camera and just enjoy the moment!

Korean wedding cake topper, cupcakes and all the "McMahon" kids. 

The kids and the grandparents. 


Playing in the snow. 

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