Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas: Christmas Morning

Time to rewind back to December 25, Christmas Morning. 

Kennedy and her cousins woke up to find that Santa had enjoyed the cookies they left the night before, and left some fun surprises. Kennedy had been letting me know for weeks that Santa was going to bring her a choo-choo train. She squealed with delight to see it set up in the living room.

The Hunter's living room looked like the "girl section" in the toy store. Everything pink, princess, doll, froofy, etc. The girls pretty much stayed in their jammies all day playing with the new toys and watching movies. It was a fun and relaxing Christmas Day for us all!

A choo-choo train and a sassy ponytail. 

 A new princess castle. 
Dance party and movie watching. 
Greg is an excellent shot with the Nerf gun. 

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