Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Korea Fun: Exploring

My brother Eric and his wife Sora were amazing tour guides while we were in town. Eric had a little more time off work than she did, so he was able to meet us at our hotel every morning and help us navigate the subways, busses and language barrier. We strolled through a bunch of busy market areas, plentiful of souvenirs, sights and food for those more adventurous than I.

We spent most of our time in Seoul, with an overnight trip south to Jinju for the wedding. While in Seoul our days were jam packed with sights and eats. We stayed in Gangnam, like the song, and found it pretty easy to get around. Most everyone speaks at least some English and the majority of signage is in both Korean and English. We saw so many cool things and barely even scratched the surface of Seoul. I loved walking through all the markets and really had to resist buying everything Hello Kitty and Pororo to bring home for Kennedy. Don't worry, we came home with more than enough trinkets for her.

Seoul at night from Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower)

Visiting Eric and Sora's apartment. We got used to taking our shoes off when indoors. 

The Explorers

Some things I didn't buy, but sort of wish I did. Oddly enough, there were ample opportunities to purchase underpinnings on the street.  

A small sampling of things I did not eat. 

Some cool things we saw. Brought Kennedy an awesome print from Hana Art Gallery. 

Buddhist temple nestled in the middle of skyscrapers in Seoul. 

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