Monday, February 20, 2012

Midland Gun Show

Last weekend we loaded up the car and drove to Midland for a visit. Grammyflash was recovering from surgery and we thought a visit from one of her grand-babies would brighten her day. 

Kennedy made her grandparents very happy by learning how to put her Guns up. Let me back up a second, there's a bit of a Hunter Family rivalry since Greg and Ross went to UT, while his parents went to Texas Tech. Anyway, she found this little Yo Samity Sam looking guy (apparently he's called Raider Red) that plays the Texas Tech fight song and danced and held her little gun up in the air. Her grandparents were beaming. Greg was cringing because he had just taught her how to put her Horns up. He let it slide this time. But rest assured he is already looking for a singing Bevo for the house.

All Kennedy's friends are loaded in the wagon for a ride.

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