Friday, February 3, 2012


Kennedy hasn't had much of an appetite for the past week. If its not a cracker, pretzel or applesauce, she can't be bothered. Our normal "go-to" foods aren't even working with her. Earlier this week she finally decided it was time to eat and sat in her chair. When I put her plate of cut up fruit, cheese and turkey in front of her, she very politely said no and then down. Fine. I put her down, she walked into the kitchen, and said these words,  arocki, noonles, sheese, pease, walkum (broccoli, noodles, cheese, please, welcome). Then returned to her highchair and asked to be placed in it.

The girl knows what she wants. And she used her words to tell me exactly what that was. I made her a steamer bag of her choosing and she nearly ate the entire thing. For the past few days all I hear is arocki, arocki, arocki. Which beats cracka, cracka, cracka. 

Kennedy, her arocki and her dinner companion, the ehfant. 

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