Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Adventures

Kennedy celebrated her first Easter this weekend and it was certainly eventful. We planned to leave for Midland on Friday around noon, but due to a nasty case of food poisoning, I was not able to get in the car until about 2:00. Not so much of a fun drive for me, but Kennedy (and Olive) did fantastic in the car. DVD player and Baby Einstein for the win.

The Easter Bunny happened to come to the Hunters on Friday evening, and even though it was well past Kennedy's bedtime, we let her stay up a little to play with Grammyflash, Big Poppa and her new toys. After all, she had just spent 5 hours quietly transfixed by Baby MacDonald in the car.

On Saturday I woke up feeling like new. It's amazing what 12 hours of sleep can do for a person. While we are lucky that Kennedy is a good sleeper, I haven't gotten to sleep that long since well before she was born. Anyway, Greg invited some friends over for some pool time and we hung out around the house. Greg and I got to enjoy a night out with friends and I was ready to start eating real food again, pepperoni and black olive pizza, to be exact.

Easter morning we planned to go to church, have lunch and have an easter egg hunt with Kennedy. Greg and Grammyflash woke up feeling yucky so we let them rest and spent the morning at home. After a delicious ham lunch we went outside for the egg hunt. Big Poppa walked Kennedy around and helped her hunt eggs, she picked up on the idea of the hunt pretty fast. She had a lot of fun picking up her plastic eggs and throwing them on the ground. Olive followed us around desperately hoping we would drop something edible her way. At the end of the hunt, I think technically I had the more eggs in my basket than Greg did...but who is counting? Actually, I am. And I did.

The drive home started out normal, Kennedy was asleep and I was planning which Dairy Queen we would be stopping at when we came up on a pretty nasty storm. Through the magic of the iPhone we learned that there was tennis ball sized hail and a tornado headed for mile marker 271 in 10 minutes. By our calculations, we were also set to be at mile marker 271 in about 11 minutes. Not good. We pulled over (with everyone else heading east) and sat under the highway for a little while watching the weather radar on our phones. When we saw the storm moving faster and closer to us, we decided to backtrack a little bit and get out of the storm's path. We thought we would just hang out at Sonic until the storm passed so we could head on home. I'll spare you all the storm watching detour details, but the drive home was tense and a little scary. It took us 10 hours, instead of the expected 5. We made it home safely and never encountered any nasty weather thanks to Big Poppa watching the radar and calling us with route updates.

Despite a little sickness and some weather delays, we had a fantastic weekend and Kennedy enjoyed her first Easter. Here's a whole buncha pics from the weekend:

Thank you, Easter Bunny, I love my new ball pit!

Water Baby

Saturday afternoon with Grammyflash.

Kennedy and Socks

Easter cutie.

Post egg hunt. Don't worry, the flock of flamingoes in the back posed no immediate danger.

Kennedy and Mommy.

Daddy and Big Poppa teaching her how to hunt for eggs.

Olive getting in on the Easter action.

Kennedy and Daddy on Easter Sunday

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  1. Holy cow...I can't imagine how tense that would have been with Kennedy and Olive in the car while a tornado was on the way. Glad you guys are back safely!