Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mocktails and Ice Cream

I had so much fun at Sweetiepie in the West Village on Saturday. Julie put together a very cute tea party baby shower with some of my NYC friends. We had tea sandwiches, scones, mini cakes and pomegranate champagne cocktails (I enjoyed a mocktail). I have made some great friends since I moved to NY, and I will miss them when we leave in a few weeks. But I am so glad Julie got us all together to celebrate Baby Hunter (and our upcoming move).

We had the first warm day of the year and I was so happy to shed the Ugg boots and puffer jacket! Greg and I took Olive for a nice long walk and stopped in Hagan Daaz for a little evening treat. Afterall, the baby needs it’s calcium…

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  1. It’s back!
    Have you checked out the Smirnoff India website? It is talking about the Smirnoff Experience parties happening in May!