Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chloe: Four Months

Chloe is growing, changing and sadly, losing hair by the day. We have done so much in Month 4, it can be hard to keep up! Chloe had her four month check up and vaccines last week. She seems so much bigger than Kennedy was, and she is, but she is still on the smaller side. She does have real chunky thighs with plenty of rolls...and I just love them. 

She has moved out of the Rock and Play at night and into her crib. Like her sister, she is super easy to put to bed at night. She sometimes wakes for a night feeding, but not every night. Her pediatrician said she probably would until she puts a little more weight on. Usually she is down by 7pm and up around 7am the next morning. She takes a morning and afternoon nap with a little catnap in the evening. We had a bit of a rough go with breastfeeding (I had the same supply issues I had with Kennedy, or rather, lack there of) and have transitioned her to formula. Everyone is happy with the decision and she is taking about 6 feedings a day. We will hold off on solids until she is six months. 

Personality wise, she is very laid back and easy going. She has such a sweet voice and I love when she coos, babbles and squeals. She likes to play with her play gym and she loves her Sophie la giraffe. She's happy in a bouncer, happy being held and, well, just happy in general. 

No one can make her squeal and giggle quite like her big sister, Kennedy. They are so lucky to have each other.

Four Month Stats
13.3lbs, 18%
25.5in, 73%

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